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Bacon Strikes

What does it look like when I play in a room? Snort – I can’t help myself. I have to have everything out. I never know what I want to play with. Then of course you know I have to push around my food dish. If I push it enough, maybe food will magically appear. It’s a nice thought. 🙂


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My Daily Activity

Some people have asked what my daily life is like. I thought I would share with everyone what a daily life in Bacons world is:

I wake up somewhere between this time. I start squealing and doing my Bacon stomp in my crate so I can wake up mom for breakfast. She’s good with this because she calls me her little piglet alarm clock. She has to go to work so I look at this as doing her a favor. She fixes me a combination of piggy pellets and Cheerios. Mmm very nice. After I eat, mom holds me, rocks me and gives me my morning piggy massage. This is *so* nice. It relaxes me and makes my warm full belly feel so good.

I go back to bed for a little nap. She gets ready and leaves for work.

9:00 – 9:30
I wake up from my nap and dad thinks he’s in control. I let him think that. I beg him for a snack and usually he gives me a few grapes and carrots. I then jump on the couch and watch television with him. We usually watch The Daily Show, Steven Cobert, comedy central, Excused and Family Feud. He will normally pet me and one of the purr things. We usually all fall asleep together.

Dad feeds me my lunch which is usually piggy pellets, a few blueberry rice cakes, and some carrots. I love carrots! On the weekends when mom is home, she cooks me a spinach omelet with a side of chopped up peaches. 🙂

After I eat, I go back to my room and take an afternoon nap. Dad cleans up after me and does his chores while I sleep.

I wake up from my nap. Dad feeds me a small snack of watermelon and sometimes grapes to hold me over to dinner. Either I run through the house to get my exercise…I mean really do you think this body comes naturally? Or I sit on the couch waiting for mom to get home.

I start pacing the floor because I know it’s about time for mom to get home. I usually will hear her car so I will go and sit in by the front door watching. When mom comes through the front door, I start jumping up and down. I’m so excited to see her. Before she puts anything down, she always bends over and pets me. I love mom. I love dad too but mom is well my mommy. She babies me. She gets settled and prepares my dinner. Dinner is usually piggy pellets, lettuce, grape tomatoes and cucumbers.

6:00 – 6:45
This is my quality me time. I go to my room while mom and dad eat. I can’t be out while they eat. I don’t trust myself. I will beg unmercifully for food, worse than the barky or purr things.

I come back into the front and usually sit with mom and watch tv with her and dad. We watch Two and a Half Men…with Charlie Sheen. Then we watch Jeopardy. I try to oink the answers and sometimes I’m right and sometimes I’m wrong.

During the week, this is my normal bedtime. Mom fixes me my bedtime snacks which is one cut up apple. Doesn’t matter what kind of apple. I like them all – Granny Smith, red or yellow delicious, Gala, Jonathan or Empire. Afterwards, mom rocks me a bit until I get sleepy. When I’m all nice warm and sleepy, mom kisses me and tucks me into my bed for the night.

So there you go. A day in the life of me. You can say it. I know it. I’m spoiled just a tad bit. 🙂

Some of my food throughout the day. My snack plate. My spinach omelet. My dinner salad.





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My apologies for being gone lately. My friend, Maxwell, inspired me from his commercials to get out and get going. So, I started a bucket list. Baby steps at first…so I watched television in the front room for a change. It was a different view of scenery. I have a bunch to get caught up with here on my blogging. I will try to tell you more about my adventures later tonight. Yawn, right now it’s time for my morning nap. Oink oink out.



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I Missed My Calling


Everyone sing with me now, “Ain’t no baby gate going to keep this piglet out”. Snicker. The massive gate has been infiltrated by spider pig. I’ve missed my calling in life. I should have been an escape artist. With enough pressure on the bottom latch with my powerful snout, I can bounce the gate open thus gaining my freedom into the land of food called the kitchen. I did this several times today when mom was at work. Finally, dad had to put me in my room.

When mom came home, I was swinging on the ceiling in my room. I was so keyed up and it showed. Mom fed me my dinner in my room while her and dad ate. Afterwards, she let me out and had what she called a prayer meeting with me. She was very disappointed in me. With that being said and already being in trouble, you know what I did don’t you? I went straight to the front room and got into the kitchen. I know. I know. It was a dumb move on my part. Mom doesn’t yell but she says that two lettered word that I cant stand to hear, “NO”. 😦

Well I heard and saw mom at the gate. She did some grunting, adjusting and maneuvering and then had an evil laugh. I walked over to the mighty gate and she didn’t top me. That should have been my first clue. The gate was secure and I couldn’t open it again. Snort.

I was still being pigheaded tonight and trying to get into everything. I know I was pushing it. Mom gave me three strikes and I did it to myself. I had to go to bed early because of me being bad. What can I say? I’m a kid. That’s how I learn. And I was tired. I went straight to bed when mom put me down. Well I gotta get back to sleep before mom catches me up. I don’t want to get grounded. Oink oink out!

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I’m Getting Long


I had another growth spurt and now I’m getting longer. Mommy says I’m still her cutest little piggy in the world. That’s all that matters to me.

I escaped through the great kitchen gate today. Giggles. Dad didn’t see me when he went through it and I snuck in with him. He definitely noticed me when I started eating the cats Iams – snort.

I had a pretty quiet weekend other than that. I played around the house and ran up and down the halls a lot today. I have to try to keep my cute figure somehow. 🙂 The purr things played with me a bit as well.

Oh and the new rice cakes mom got me, they were fantastic and I recommend them. They were a blackberry pomegranate flavor. I saw mom sneak a few herself.

Well mom has my movie going so I have to snuggle down to watch it. I’ll probably fall asleep as usual. Oink oink out.


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No More Cabbage


Such a funny. Mom has been giving me cabbage leaves in my diet to see if I like it. It’s not bad and I’ll eat it. Of course, I’m a pig. I’ll eat just about anything. Well last night when she was holding me I just couldn’t hold it in any longer and you know it happened. I had a little gas from the cabbage. Today was worse. So, no more cabbage for me. LOL

Mom did go to the store today and stock me with my groceries. They didn’t have my regular blueberry rice cakes so she got me blackberry pomegranate ones. I’ll have to see what they taste like.

Moms also been training me to “go to bed” which means go to my room and get in my bed crate. She walked me down the hall and I did it all by myself tonight. I went potty, got a drink of water and then bedded down. Mom goes crazy when I do the things she asks. I’m getting into the nightly habit of things now.

Tonight I also caught mom wearing her new bed mask. She has a lot of sleep problems so she says this helps. Gosh she looks like me. 🙂 well I gotta get to sleep tonight. Oink oink out!



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Questions and Answers


Some of you asked questions so here I go, a piglet on a mission. My job is to answer the questions you might have small or big.





Bassas blog asked the following:

How big will you grow? My dad, Champ, topped out at 30 pounds and my mom, Bertha, topped out at 25 pounds. I also believe I was a runt so I’m thinking somewhere in the area of mom and dad. My adopted mom says she’s going to weigh me this weekend. Its been a couple of weeks but the last time I weighed 8.6 pounds.

Do you understand Vietnamese? I am not schooled in the language of Vietnamese but I speak lots of Pig Latin. I am also learning Southern drawl y’all from my mom.

Have you got a pot belly already? It’s getting there. It’s not a complete keg yet … Mom keeps me on a pretty healthy diet of vegetables and some fruits.

What did you think of the movie ‘Babe’? Was it realistic? I haven’t watched Babe yet. I will put it in my Netflix que and get back to you on that one.

What do you do on your days off? I just kick back and vegetate. I love watching television with mom. We sit on the sofa all snuggled up. I also like to go to the piggy spa. I get a pedi and mani, bubble bath and hot towel treatment followed by a piggy massage. It’s the best! I also like to play with the purr things.

Can you fly? (I have heard tall person say ‘when pigs fly’.). Not yet but I’m working on this. I can jump pretty high. With enough torque and spin of my tail, I think flight will be here pretty soon.

What is your favorite color? 🙂 Well I’m pretty open to this one right now. I do like browns. They seem to soothe me a bit.

Some random emails that I received. (Yes I have my own email at ) 🙂

What is your ambition in life? Well, I’ve thought about this a lot. I think I would like to become the first pig writer for mystery novels.

What is your favorite game show? It’s got to be Wipe Out. I would love to be on that show. Those 2 John commentators are funny but I think I would be cuter. 🙂

Well that’s it for the first random question/answer blog. If you more questions, feel free to ask. I’m here for you. Oink oink out!


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Good Morning My Peeps

Snort – Snort –

A lot of people have asked me questions and I thought I would take a moment to extend this to everyone on line here.  If you have a question for me, please leave a comment.  I’m full of answers.  I mean if Justin Beiber can write a book about his life at 16, I’m ready to give out advice – snort. 


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My Mom Loves Me



My heart is full of love for my mommy. I look forward to her coming home from work in the afternoons. I can hear moms car pull up in the driveway before anyone else can. I'll run to the front door with my tail just wagging. I know as soon as she comes in she's going to bend over and love me all before she puts anything down.

She will feed me dinner in my room while she fixes her dinner. Afterwards, she will hold me on the couch, talk to me and rock me to sleep. Since the first day she held me, I knew I was safe with mommy.


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My Favorite Things


So I thought it was time to share some of my favorite things since I’m becoming a big boy. Below is a short list.

My favorite actor is Kevin Bacon.

My favorite bed time story is the nice version of The Three Little Pigs (of course I’m the one in the brick house – snort).

My favorite cartoon character is Porky Pig.

My favorite movie is Charlottes Web and College Road Trip.

My favorite video game is Angry Birds.

My favorite pin up in my room… Of course is Miss Piggy…hubba hubba.

My favorite football team is University of Arkansas.

My favorite activity is running with the purr things throughout the house.

My favorite cable show is the Food Network. I love the food.

My favorite Iron Chef is Michael Symon cause he says he loves Bacon… Which I think he’s talking about me.

My favorite commercial is Geico with the pig in the backseat going wee wee wee.

My favorite time of the day is when mom comes home from work.

My favorite food is a toss up right now…apples and watermelon.

My favorite thing to do after I eat is curl up in moms lap and let her love on me.

I’m only 4 months old. I’m sure I’ll come up with some more in the future. I have a lot of different favorite things.


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