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Bacon is Always Watching


I’m small and I’m curious. I’m always getting in places and watching. Watching your feet, watching where you are going, watching for opening doors and gates. I’m there. I’m watching. Mom caught me and took this picture. Now she has proof.

So watch out. You never know where I’m going to be .. Watching and taking notes. Snort.

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A Moms Love




As much as I can be a stinker, I can be cute as a baby too. I was super sweet to mom last night. She deserved it.

And I love it when mom snuggles me. I know I can drift off to sleep in her arms and she won’t drop me. That’s trust. I know I sleep like a crazy monkey at times too and her arms cramp up. But, there she goes… Holding my chunky little behiney. Love.


Well gotta go. It’s time for my piggy massage and snuggle time. Oink oink out.



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