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I’m a Little Stinker

Okay I admit it. I’ve been a little stinker today. I officially have driven mom up the wall, across the ceiling and down the other wall. Snort – I have to keep her on her toes. I know it was mean. I know she wasn’t feeling good. I just had to do it though. They say admission is the first step. Here it goes.

I stomped on her toes with my hooves on purpose. I know I’m not a light weight and I know it hurts. She was there, I was there and it happened.

I jumped on her while she was laying on the couch and wasn’t expecting me. Yeah, I might have scratched her a little on the face and yeah I probably added to the many bruises on her arms.

And I yeah I knocked over the dinner tray in the front room and I tried to eat her water bottle.

And yeah I picked on my sister the purr thing called Mouse? Shes cute and I have to show her I’m in charge.

And then I broke through the gate. Dad forgot to use the bungee cord on it – that’s another story snort snort. I might have eaten some of the cat food. My cheeks looked like hamster cheeks.

Then when mom was holding me a couple of times trying to calm me down, I did snap at her. I know. Poor mom. She’s going to have more bruises from this weekend then Doans has pills.

You ask why I was so out of control? Mom *always* feeds me my breakfast followed by my piggy massage. She didn’t feed me this morning, dad did. It’s not the same. Sorry dad. Love you man but mom babies my furry little butt.

Mom and dad are out eating now. I piggy promise to be better when they feed me my snack. I’ll tell her I’m sorry before she tucks me in. I’m not usually this mean. Really, I’m not.

If I look like this picture all innocent, you think she’ll forgive me?


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My Name is Bacon

My poor parents. They’ve lost their identity. When they go out now, it’s not, “Hey, how are y’all doing?” (Yeah I said y’all…I am a southern pig – snort).

It’s more like, “Hey, how’s Bacon doing?”. To heck with mom and dad. They have to know how this bouncing baby boy is being treated.

The only thing that worries me is that most of the places asking about me are
restaurants. I can’t really put my hoof on why but this kind of makes me nervous? I wonder why?

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