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My Daily Activity

Some people have asked what my daily life is like. I thought I would share with everyone what a daily life in Bacons world is:

I wake up somewhere between this time. I start squealing and doing my Bacon stomp in my crate so I can wake up mom for breakfast. She’s good with this because she calls me her little piglet alarm clock. She has to go to work so I look at this as doing her a favor. She fixes me a combination of piggy pellets and Cheerios. Mmm very nice. After I eat, mom holds me, rocks me and gives me my morning piggy massage. This is *so* nice. It relaxes me and makes my warm full belly feel so good.

I go back to bed for a little nap. She gets ready and leaves for work.

9:00 – 9:30
I wake up from my nap and dad thinks he’s in control. I let him think that. I beg him for a snack and usually he gives me a few grapes and carrots. I then jump on the couch and watch television with him. We usually watch The Daily Show, Steven Cobert, comedy central, Excused and Family Feud. He will normally pet me and one of the purr things. We usually all fall asleep together.

Dad feeds me my lunch which is usually piggy pellets, a few blueberry rice cakes, and some carrots. I love carrots! On the weekends when mom is home, she cooks me a spinach omelet with a side of chopped up peaches. 🙂

After I eat, I go back to my room and take an afternoon nap. Dad cleans up after me and does his chores while I sleep.

I wake up from my nap. Dad feeds me a small snack of watermelon and sometimes grapes to hold me over to dinner. Either I run through the house to get my exercise…I mean really do you think this body comes naturally? Or I sit on the couch waiting for mom to get home.

I start pacing the floor because I know it’s about time for mom to get home. I usually will hear her car so I will go and sit in by the front door watching. When mom comes through the front door, I start jumping up and down. I’m so excited to see her. Before she puts anything down, she always bends over and pets me. I love mom. I love dad too but mom is well my mommy. She babies me. She gets settled and prepares my dinner. Dinner is usually piggy pellets, lettuce, grape tomatoes and cucumbers.

6:00 – 6:45
This is my quality me time. I go to my room while mom and dad eat. I can’t be out while they eat. I don’t trust myself. I will beg unmercifully for food, worse than the barky or purr things.

I come back into the front and usually sit with mom and watch tv with her and dad. We watch Two and a Half Men…with Charlie Sheen. Then we watch Jeopardy. I try to oink the answers and sometimes I’m right and sometimes I’m wrong.

During the week, this is my normal bedtime. Mom fixes me my bedtime snacks which is one cut up apple. Doesn’t matter what kind of apple. I like them all – Granny Smith, red or yellow delicious, Gala, Jonathan or Empire. Afterwards, mom rocks me a bit until I get sleepy. When I’m all nice warm and sleepy, mom kisses me and tucks me into my bed for the night.

So there you go. A day in the life of me. You can say it. I know it. I’m spoiled just a tad bit. 🙂

Some of my food throughout the day. My snack plate. My spinach omelet. My dinner salad.





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