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No More Cabbage


Such a funny. Mom has been giving me cabbage leaves in my diet to see if I like it. It’s not bad and I’ll eat it. Of course, I’m a pig. I’ll eat just about anything. Well last night when she was holding me I just couldn’t hold it in any longer and you know it happened. I had a little gas from the cabbage. Today was worse. So, no more cabbage for me. LOL

Mom did go to the store today and stock me with my groceries. They didn’t have my regular blueberry rice cakes so she got me blackberry pomegranate ones. I’ll have to see what they taste like.

Moms also been training me to “go to bed” which means go to my room and get in my bed crate. She walked me down the hall and I did it all by myself tonight. I went potty, got a drink of water and then bedded down. Mom goes crazy when I do the things she asks. I’m getting into the nightly habit of things now.

Tonight I also caught mom wearing her new bed mask. She has a lot of sleep problems so she says this helps. Gosh she looks like me. 🙂 well I gotta get to sleep tonight. Oink oink out!



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