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Spider Pig – That’s It!

Finally, I have decided what I want to be when I grow up – SPIDER PIG!  You know the song – sing along with me.  I can fight crime during the night and be the loving pig during the day to mom.  No one would ever have a clue it’s me.  I could be as famous as Arnold or Wilbur – imagine that.  I can get mom to make me a costume.  I could write novels – I could be wonderful!  This is something I’m seriously going to have to discuss with mom tonight.  I’ll keep you posted….. spider pig, spider pig

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Sweet Innocent Me

Tonight I was all about my mommy. I don’t care where I am in the house but I can always hear her car pull into the driveway. I run to the door and as soon as she walks through, I’m all about mom. My little tail gets a life of its own and starts wiggling. Before mom even puts her purse down, she bends over and pets me and talks to me. Usually I will follow her down the hall and wait for her to change clothes. Then, she fixes my dinner. She always gives me the most exciting things. She mixes it up too because she knows I get bored easily of the same things. Tonight she fried me an egg over medium and put it over my piggy pellet food. It was delicious!

After I eat my dinner, she usually let’s me play in my room while she cooks dinner for the grown ups. After they eat, I get to come out and play with the purr things. I can’t be in the kitchen when they eat. I would bug them silly begging for food. I can be totally relentless when it comes to food. I want it and it doesn’t matter what it is. I’m a foodie.

Tonight after dinner when I came back out to play, I just wanted mommy to hold me. I jumped in her lap and just cuddled. As you can see from my picture below, I was in heaven. I feel so safe in mommy’s arms. I know she won’t drop me and she’ll keep me protected. I can sleep on her for hours. If she gets up to go potty, I do the same thing and then meet back at the couch for more snuggle time.

Well, yawn, I gotta go. I think I’m going through another growth spell. Oink oink out.




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Uh Oh


I think I may be in trouble. Mom is really serious about this baby gate. She wants to keep me out of the kitchen and I’ve been winning so far but I think my days are numbered. Mom gathered up all of the gates and extensions that didn’t work and took them back to the store this weekend. But, I noticed that she left one gate. And when she came back from the store, she had a funny grin on her face. All she said was soon. I still have freedom for a while. Evil snort – I like the kitchen. It has all of the food in there. I’ll find a way.

I think I’m going through another growth spell. I’m so hungry all of the time and mom says my tail looks longer. Today I slept on mom a lot which was nice. I also got to jump on and off the couches a lot. That is so fun to me. Who says pigs can’t jump?

Well I gotta run. This pig needs his sleep to grow. Oink oink out!


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Playing with Brother

Everynight is a fun night playing with my brother.  We take turns playing tag.  I run down the hall to my room, do a lap in there and then run back.


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Bacon 4 – Mom Still 0


Poor mom. I can’t help but to laugh. The man in brown came by tonight with with “the extension” for that crazy gate she is wanting to put in the kitchen.

I knew he had come to the house for a delivery so after dinner I was giving mom hard time. I wouldn’t come to her when she called me. Oh that upset her so bad! She finally gave me my bedtime snack and I still didn’t jump in her arms or come to her. When it got to my bedtime, I followed her to my room and she put me down.

I heard the rumbling in the front room. I heard the strains and I heard something about giving up on the stupid gate. Which, I agree the gate is stupid – snort. But, I know my mom. She’s no quitter. The extension they got tonight, the company sent the wrong size again. I’m beginning to like this company. So, mom is back to square one and I still don’t have a gate 🙂 life is good.

Mom came in my room before she put herself to bed and held me for a long time. We both almost fell asleep to sleep together. It was nice. She was really needy tonight so I put on the charm for her 🙂

Well gotta run and get my sleep so I can get bigger. Oink oink out!


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Splish Splash I Like My Baths

I guess this picture could be me at bath time. I’m getting a little more used to the water. My goal in the tub is to get mom soaked while I’m in the tub. She sits beside the tub and watches me. I jump around in the water and splash my feet and water goes everywhere. It’s so funny to hear mommy squeal like me when the water hits her – snort. Then, I stick my head in the water and blow bubbles through my snout. Mommy just laughs and I just wiggle my tail because it’s so funny. Even when mom takes her bubble baths, I like to jump up enough to put my front hooves on the edge of the tub to look at her. She likes lots of smelly stuff and bubbles in her bath. Well, it’s time for my afternoon nap so I gotta go. Below are some more pictures of me in the tub. Oink Oink Out


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I’ll Huff and Puff and Blow Your Gate Down


SCORE IS:  PIG 3 / MOM ZERO – snort snort

I told you the other day mom was up to something. She’s so funny. Here’s the story.
Mom doesn’t want me in the kitchen area. She says there’s too many things I can get into. Well, I’m no dumb piggy. I know the kitchen is like the happening place and it’s where the food comes from. Heck, I try to get in there as much as possible. 🙂
Well let me introduce you to baby gate #1. Ha! I laugh at it. Such an amateur my mom. Gate was made out of wood and plastic. I did keep me out for a bit when I was a mere youngster. But then, I grew and honed in on my snout abilities. Snort 🙂 Once I’ve mastered those, the world was mine. I could put my snout under the rickety gate, pull up and sneak under into the glorious kitchen. Freedom and gate #1 down. Remember, mom even tried this gate in the hallway a while back. I ran down the hallway and was able to knock it down. Looked at mom laughing and then went back to the gate and proceeded to jump up and down on it hoping to kill it. Laughing, even the purr things hated it.


This picture is when mom had the gate to the room in my door. Like I said, it worked ok until I got older but I was able to through it. This made me pig 1 and mommy zero.


So then let me introduce gate #2. Well this gate mom decided to go metal. There were a couple of problems with this one. Snort – so funny. First of all, it was short and where mommy wanted to put it in the kitchen, it didn’t fit.  The extensions weren’t long enough.  And, the way she tried to put it in the threshold of the kitchen, I was able to jump over it.  Snort Snort – gate #2 down!


So, mom gets smart and borrows my computer.  She’s acting all sneaky and mumbling to herself and I know she’s up to something.  She gives me my computer back later that night and tells me, “Bacon, soon I will win.”  I just grin and grunt because I know that’s funny.  So yesterday, some big boxes got delivered by the man in brown.  Mom was so excited when she got home and kept looking at me saying, “Soon.”  After mom puts me down for bedtime, I stay awake and listen.  I hear the tear of the boxes, papers going everywhere and the oomphs and groans from the living room.  Then, I hear a dirty word and chuckle.  I win again – snort.  Apparently the company mom bought the newest torture for me from sent her the wrong thing.  Thanks nameless company – I think I love you. 

I heard mom on the phone talking to the company.  She was frustrated with them for making the mistake.  I heard her say send it so okay – bring on challenge gate #4 – snort snort.  I’ll keep you posted with the laughs!

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I’m a Big Boy Now

This was me 11 weeks ago, all of 1 itty bitty pound… Cute huh?

Fast forward 11 weeks, this is me now. I officially weighed in today at 8.6 pounds. As someone called me today, I’m a little porker. Snort snort.

I’ve had a full weekend playing with the purr things and hanging out. I’ve got this jumping on the couch thing down to a science now. My favorite thing now is jumping on the couch and pushing the purr thing Princess Mouse on the floor. Snort – she gets so mad. It just tickles my little tail. The other purr thing Master Hemi wouldn’t let me on his tray so I did the next best thing. I flipped the tray and made him fall. I don’t know when those two are going to realize I’m the piglet in charge.

Mom got in the tub tonight with a bunch of smelly stuff and bubbles. I kept going into the bathroom and checking it out. She would reach out and touch me getting me wet. She threatened to pull me in the tub and I would bark and run out. When she got out, I kept pestering her. That’s what I’m good at. 🙂 she finally picked me up and held me tight.

Well I’ve got to get to bed. Oink oink out.


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