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So guess what. Moms teaching me some tricks. Don’t laugh – I’m a talented and very smart pig. I learned very early in life around 5-6 weeks to “tip over” when mom touches my side and she will rub my belly. I’ll do this in a heartbeat these days. I like being touched and having my belly rubbed.

I’m learning sit. Mom holds one of my treats in her hands and tells me to sit. Sometimes she has to touch my butt and tell me to sit at the same time. I don’t have this one down pact yet but I’m getting there. I know if I do it, I’ll get food. That works for me. Snort snort.

Who made up that rumor that pigs can’t jump? I can and I do at feed time. Mom will ask me if I want to eat…which by the way is a stupid question because I *always* want to eat. She’ll get me worked up by saying the eat word that I will start jumping up and down dancing in a circle. Mom knows my weakness – food.

I also know “go to your room”. Snort don’t laugh. Mom put me in time out for knocking over the garbage can and told me to go to my room. Used to when I did something stupid, she would take me to my room for time out and have a little prayer meeting with me. This weekend she sent me to my room and I went to serve my time. It was either that or an early bed time. See even being a pig has it’s consequences for behavior. She came and got me when my time was served. Like mom says, she likes sweet Bacon not deviled ham. Snort – that funny mom of mine.

I also know what bedtime is. Mom will say it’s bedtime and she will walk me to my room. She’ll get me ready for bed and I’ll use the wizzy pad. Sometimes she reads me a story and other times she will rock me to sleep. She cleans and makes my bed every day so I have a fresh place to sleep. She always kisses me goodnight before she puts me in my bed for the night. See that’s love – that’s my mommy.

So see I’m becoming a very smart pig. Gotta run and get back to sleep. I’m exhausted tonight. Oink oink out!

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