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Uh Oh


I think I may be in trouble. Mom is really serious about this baby gate. She wants to keep me out of the kitchen and I’ve been winning so far but I think my days are numbered. Mom gathered up all of the gates and extensions that didn’t work and took them back to the store this weekend. But, I noticed that she left one gate. And when she came back from the store, she had a funny grin on her face. All she said was soon. I still have freedom for a while. Evil snort – I like the kitchen. It has all of the food in there. I’ll find a way.

I think I’m going through another growth spell. I’m so hungry all of the time and mom says my tail looks longer. Today I slept on mom a lot which was nice. I also got to jump on and off the couches a lot. That is so fun to me. Who says pigs can’t jump?

Well I gotta run. This pig needs his sleep to grow. Oink oink out!


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