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Bacon 4 – Mom Still 0


Poor mom. I can’t help but to laugh. The man in brown came by tonight with with “the extension” for that crazy gate she is wanting to put in the kitchen.

I knew he had come to the house for a delivery so after dinner I was giving mom hard time. I wouldn’t come to her when she called me. Oh that upset her so bad! She finally gave me my bedtime snack and I still didn’t jump in her arms or come to her. When it got to my bedtime, I followed her to my room and she put me down.

I heard the rumbling in the front room. I heard the strains and I heard something about giving up on the stupid gate. Which, I agree the gate is stupid – snort. But, I know my mom. She’s no quitter. The extension they got tonight, the company sent the wrong size again. I’m beginning to like this company. So, mom is back to square one and I still don’t have a gate 🙂 life is good.

Mom came in my room before she put herself to bed and held me for a long time. We both almost fell asleep to sleep together. It was nice. She was really needy tonight so I put on the charm for her 🙂

Well gotta run and get my sleep so I can get bigger. Oink oink out!


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