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Splish Splash I Like My Baths

I guess this picture could be me at bath time. I’m getting a little more used to the water. My goal in the tub is to get mom soaked while I’m in the tub. She sits beside the tub and watches me. I jump around in the water and splash my feet and water goes everywhere. It’s so funny to hear mommy squeal like me when the water hits her – snort. Then, I stick my head in the water and blow bubbles through my snout. Mommy just laughs and I just wiggle my tail because it’s so funny. Even when mom takes her bubble baths, I like to jump up enough to put my front hooves on the edge of the tub to look at her. She likes lots of smelly stuff and bubbles in her bath. Well, it’s time for my afternoon nap so I gotta go. Below are some more pictures of me in the tub. Oink Oink Out


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