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Two Oinks Out

Why am I craving Chinese food? Mom says tonight is the end of the year. I told her it couldn’t be – I wasn’t done growing yet. There’s too much for me to see still. I’m only 3.5 months old – not even year. That’s pigdiculous and hoglarious. Snort snort.

So mom finally broke down and told me what happens tonight. She lost me at the peach drop…mmmm I want a peach to eat now. Drop that peach in my bowl please.

So everyone be safe and enjoy the end of the year. I’ll be partying with mom if I can stay up that late.


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This morning after breakfast, mom took me to bed with her.  She said she was tired and I was cold so we snuggled down together.  She pulled me close to her and wrapped her loving arms around me.  She even pulled her fuzzy blanket up around both of us.  She stroked my back until I went to asleep.  It was the best sleep I had all night!  When her alarm clock went off, she had to get up to go to work.  But she told me that happiness was waking up beside the cutest little pig in the world and hearing him snore.  Aaaww – I love my mom.  She is the best.  When she feels bad, she says I make her feel better.  I sure know she makes me feel better when I feel bad.  Mom is the best like that.  After she got up and got ready for work, she picked me up, loved on me and tucked back in to my bed in my crate.  I’m one lucky little piglet 🙂 

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You know I’ve been thinking … I know it’s dangerous – snort. But they have Playboy – not sure what’s in it but I’ve heard they have good stories. Well, I’m thinking about submitting my picture to PlayPig. Whatcha think? I have what it takes to be popular. Mom says no that I can’t. She said she would explain to me when I get older.



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Holiday Fun

WOW – my first Christmas. What an exciting time! I haven’t had much time to blog because mom has let me stay up late the past several days…and I’ve enjoyed every moment of it.

Christmas eve mom told me all about Santa and read me stories about him. I got to stay up late and watch the newsman track Santa on television. When Santa got close to this area, she told me I had to go to bed or he wouldn’t come. I was so tired that I passed out quick dreaming of gifts.

I woke up on Christmas and my stocking was full – Santa Pig had come! My stocking had treats and toys. One toy was like a tennis ball shaped like a pig! I had some treats like unsalted peanut butter filled pretzels, apples, my favorite blueberry rice cakes and grapes. I also got a new bed for my crate and some blankies. I had such a fun time.

I got to stay up late every night and got really spoiled by doing this. One day, mom put me in my room with my dinner while she ate her dinner. Cause you know, if I see her eat I will beg and jump on her to share. Snort. So after I ate, I played in my room like any other kid would do. When mom let me out after dinner, she laughed. I had dumped over the trash can, unplugged the lamps, pulled out all of my toys, and moved all my blankies on the floor. Mommy didn’t fuss, she just laughed. She did make me help her pick the room back up by putting my toys back in their box. I’ll think twice about making a mess again. It’s no fun if you gotta clean it up.

As you can see by the pictures below, I had a lazy holiday and just took naps everywhere. My favorite spot was on the couch with mom. Mom was even fast with the camera one time and took a picture of me stretched out on the floor.

Well I gotta go now. Mom has to go back to work tomorrow so hopefully I’ll be back to my regular schedule. I’ll try to stay more updated on my blogs. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday too. Oink oink out!




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Merry Christmas

Been waiting all night for Pig Claus to
come. Never had Christmas before, this is my first. Mom has told all a about it. It’s so exciting.

Well I gotta go so Santa can come see me. Oink oink out.


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So guess what. Moms teaching me some tricks. Don’t laugh – I’m a talented and very smart pig. I learned very early in life around 5-6 weeks to “tip over” when mom touches my side and she will rub my belly. I’ll do this in a heartbeat these days. I like being touched and having my belly rubbed.

I’m learning sit. Mom holds one of my treats in her hands and tells me to sit. Sometimes she has to touch my butt and tell me to sit at the same time. I don’t have this one down pact yet but I’m getting there. I know if I do it, I’ll get food. That works for me. Snort snort.

Who made up that rumor that pigs can’t jump? I can and I do at feed time. Mom will ask me if I want to eat…which by the way is a stupid question because I *always* want to eat. She’ll get me worked up by saying the eat word that I will start jumping up and down dancing in a circle. Mom knows my weakness – food.

I also know “go to your room”. Snort don’t laugh. Mom put me in time out for knocking over the garbage can and told me to go to my room. Used to when I did something stupid, she would take me to my room for time out and have a little prayer meeting with me. This weekend she sent me to my room and I went to serve my time. It was either that or an early bed time. See even being a pig has it’s consequences for behavior. She came and got me when my time was served. Like mom says, she likes sweet Bacon not deviled ham. Snort – that funny mom of mine.

I also know what bedtime is. Mom will say it’s bedtime and she will walk me to my room. She’ll get me ready for bed and I’ll use the wizzy pad. Sometimes she reads me a story and other times she will rock me to sleep. She cleans and makes my bed every day so I have a fresh place to sleep. She always kisses me goodnight before she puts me in my bed for the night. See that’s love – that’s my mommy.

So see I’m becoming a very smart pig. Gotta run and get back to sleep. I’m exhausted tonight. Oink oink out!

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Video of Me Taking a Bath

I love bath time.  Every week mom lets me play in the tub until I’m done.  When I’m done, she takes me out, towels me down and lets me play.  This video that she took yesterday is priceless.  I don’t know who was more surprised, me or mom. 


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Dinner mmmm

Last night mom gave me the best dinner. It was something new and wonderful. I scarfed it down and was pig wasted afterwards. I hope I get one tonight. Please mom.




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Mom Finally Scores


Well mom finally won. Stomps feet and snorts. Woke up from a wonderful nap this afternoon where I was dreaming of a field of apples. Wondered into the front room and what did I find? Moms 4th attempt of the gate worked. How am I going to get into the kitchen now? We’re talking massive gate that stays up all of the time that has a door in it. I’m doomed now of getting into the cat and dog food. What’s a pig to do?

I kept wondering from my bedroom to the gate thinking it would go away. It didn’t. Mom says with the new gate up, I can stay out more which is good. I’ve kind of settled down from my baby stage. I’m 13 weeks now and I basically eat, pee, sleep, eat, poop, sleep…not necessarily in that order… all day long. It’s good to be a pig in this family.

Well moms not feeling good so I have to go check on her. More later – oink oink out.


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Sibling Rivalry

My sister, the girl purr thing Mouse, was trying to get me today. She usually has nothing to do with me. Today though was a different story. She tried to drink my water. Then she knocked it over soaking my lunch. I ate it anyway. I just got it a little earlier than normal. Then she came in my room and wouldn’t get out. She kept turning her back to me like she was some kind of princess or something. She’s just a girl… A girl with cooties to me. She wouldn’t even listen to mom tonight. Mom was able to take this picture of the snot.


You ever have one of those days that you just can’t get enough to eat? I think I’m going through another growth spurt. I had several snacks today plus mom gave me some shredded chicken. WOW where have you been all my life chicken? Mom says I’m definitely hers because she loves chicken too. Mom also let me try a green olive. It wasn’t bad. I ate it after I played with it a while. My top favorite food so far has to be watermelon, apples and grapes… Blueberry rice cakes are close behind. Mom always tries to keep my goodies on hand. She said she was going to get me some new things this weekend at the store. Because you know, I’m a pig and I get bored easily. You know what they say, “Variety is the spice of life.”

Well, I’m off to pig land. Have to get my sleep so I can grow strong. Oink oink out my friends.


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