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Bonding with Brother

Me and the purr thing Hemi are really starting to bond. He sat in my bed while I ate my breakfast. I foresee us getting into a lot of trouble in the future. The other purr thing, Mouse, eeww she’s a girl and she has cooties still at this point. After my lunch time nap, me and Hemi chased each other up and down the hall playing tag. Mommy says when I run I bark like a little dog. Snort – I guess I kind of do.


Chuckles I did get even with the purr things today. Every day they sneak into my room and drink my water. They think I don’t know but I do. Well today I snuck in the kitchen and ate their Iams. Hee hee see if they like those apples.

Ok this little piglet is going to sleep. Night friends. Oink oink out

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My Brother My Friend

My mommy is the bestest pig whisperer. She is good about learning my different wants, needs and what my different sounds mean. It was getting near my bedtime and I was getting restless. I kept going back and forth from the living room to the kitchen. One time, I even stared right at mommy. She knew I was tired and ready to turn in. She fixed my bedtime snack and the purr thing Hemi watched me eat. He wasn’t much into apples or raisins but he did drink my water 🙂
After I was finished, we ganged up on mom – snort. He got snuggle time with her and I did too. It’s something about the way she holds me that I feel so secure in her arms. She rocked me to sleep and I went down quick. Heck, I was so tired mommy carried me to my room. When I was in bed, the purr things kept coming to my room and waking me up. They wanted to play but I was too tired. I kept pig barking at them and finally mom came in my room and escorted them out. I mean really. This pig doesn’t look this good without his beauty sleep.
I have a funny feeling that mom is up to something. I’m not sure and I can’t really wrap my tail around. She was on the computer a lot tonight which is unlike her since she’s on it all day at work. I don’t think I’m going to like whatever it is. I’ll keep you posted if I hear something.
Yawn, I’m getting sleepy again and I need to get off the computer before the glare of the computer screen wakes up mommy. Oink oink out!


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