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I Grew Overnight


Mommy says I got bigger overnight. I think I did. I feel it. Everything on me seems bigger from my hooves to my ears. From my snout to my littles hams. Mommy weighed me this weekend and officially weigh a big six pounds. Soon I’ll be ruling this house…well I already do that.
Today while mommy was at work, I got to play around the house. It’s not good not watching me. I pulled up a small part of the kitchen linoleum. I was a bad piglet. But I was just trying to help mom. I heard her saying she wanted a new kitchen floor. Mom wasn’t mad. She had a little prayer meeting with me and I know not to do that again.
After my bedtime snack tonight, I jumped on the couch with mommy. She was laying down so I stretched down her side. She wrapped me in a blanket and rubbed my back until I went to sleep. The purr thing Hemi even jumped on mommy and slept on her legs. At one time, I think we were all snoring.
When it was time to go to bed, mommy walked me to my bedroom. I went potty on my wizzy pad. Mommy hugged and kissed me and put me down for the night. She’s a good mommy. Well yawn gotta go. It’s been a long day for me. Oink oink out.


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