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Cute in 3, 2, 1 and zero

Mommy is forever trying to take my picture showing my face in all it’s cuteness. I mean look at this snout. Who doesn’t want me giving them baby kisses? I am the poster child of a cute baby. Me get in trouble. If course not. All I have to do is wiggle my windshield wiper tail and give mommy kisses. I’ve got mommy wrapped right around my right hoof. My left hoof is saved for my nanna – snort.


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Lazy Sunday Afternoons

After my afternoon nap today, mom let me out to play and explore again. I played with the purr things a little bit but they didn’t hold my interest very long. Today, I’ve just been in a really cuddly and loving mood. I went up to mom on the couch and barked at her wagging my windshield wiper tail. She picked me up holding me close and put a bankie over us. I got so toasty hot and could hear moms heartbeat that I went to sleep. My snores were marching moms snores for a long time. Both of us slept a long time. When I woke up, one of the purr things were even on top of our bankie sleeping. I woke mom up by giving her piggy kisses.

Mom got up and went into the kitchen. She said it was time to start dinner and she said I could watch. I played around on the kitchen floor while she started. She even gave me a couple of more grapes while I watched. She cut up and fried something that was smelling so freaking delicious. It was called a French fry – I’m a big fan. It was crispy, fragrant and wonderful. It was so much fun playing in the kitchen. When mom got the grown up food done, she fixed my piggy pellets and chipped carrots. She took everything to my room where I got to eat. While I ate, my mom also got to eat.

When mom got done eating, she let me back out. I ran through the house.  I tried to jump on the couch with mom again but I didn’t make it.  She picked me up and hugged me.  I crawled on the pillow right beside her and got close to her.  She covered us up with a furry bankie and I got all nice and toasty.  She kept petting me and stroking me right behind my ears.  I finally went to sleep.  I got so comfortable that my little piggy body started relaxing and I started having piggy dreams jumping in my sleep.  I was dreaming of running in a field full of piggy food – my kind of heaven.  Mommy held me the entire time she watched the big box with moving colors… I think she calls it a tv.  So I got to stay up way past my bedtime.  By the time I went to bed, I was sleeping so good.  I just yawned and kissed mommy goodnight and went right back to sleep when she put me down in my crate. 

Well everyone have a great day.  Mommy says this is a short week at her work place so hopefully I’ll get to have her home with me some more.  Oink oink out!


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