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New Food

Today when mommy got home from the store she said she got me something new. After she washed them off, she gave them to me. They were small and round. When I put them in mouth and bit down, you could hear the squish and the juice squirted in my mouth. They were a little sweet and tasted so yum. Mommy called them seedless grapes. I call them sweet goodness. 🙂
I was in a real loving mood this afternoon. I wanted to be held and loved on. Mommy held me for a long time and then she let me lay down on the couch beside her. She pulled a blankie over me and I had my head on the pillow. Aaww – that’s the big deal about the couch. I like it.
I’m so sleepy right now so I think I’m going to put myself down for a quick piggy nap. Oink yawn out.

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