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Geez Mom Take a Chill Pill

I just have to get this out. Mom can be a little kooky. I’ve never seen anyone in my 9 weeks get so excited over pee pee or poo poo when I go in my wizzy spot in my bedroom. I mean really mom take a chill pill. This morning I went and she went “Good piggy, good Bacon” in her little sing song voice. If she had a tail, I think ‘she’ would be wagging it! She picked me up and kept loving on me. She worried me for a minute because she said, “You’re so cute, I could just eat you up!”. WTP (what the pig) – LOL. Thankfully, she was joking. But, thats my crazy loving mom. That’s why I try to always go on the wizzy spot. It makes her excited and when mom is happy, I am a happy pig.
Oh, last night mom was eating what she called nachos. She let me try a plain chip. It was good. Of course, I’m a piglet everything tastes good to me! I thought this picture was funny when I was surfing the net. Enjoy – oink oink out.


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