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Sigh – Hard Time Going to Bed Last Night

Last night, mommy put me to bed and I had a horrible time bedding down.  It might have been a piggymare but I just didn’t want to be by myself in my crate.  Mom came in and for a long time she rocked me and held me.  I sleep so well in mommy’s arms. She stayed with me for the longest time.  Every time she tried to pick me up, I would shake my entire body because I just wanted her to stay and hold me.  I know it was selfish – blush – I just needed my mommy. 

I got to play a lot yesterday so I was running loose all through the house.  I even played with Hemi for a while.  One time, mommy was on the floor with me laying down.  I went right up beside her and got as close as I could to her heart and slept with her.  She cuddled me and kept me all nice and warm.  I’m getting big enough now that hopefully soon I can stay out all of the time, maybe just sleeping in my room.  That would be great! 

Well, I’m going to sign off – pig out.  I’m hoping for a better night tonight.

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