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The Purr Things


The orange cat is Hemi and the gray/white cat is Mouse Girl.  Hemi definitely wants to be my partner in crime.  He will ‘swat’ at me when I get by him and then the  chase is on.  He has actually started playing with me in the past couple of days.  He tags me, I chase him.  I tag him by bunting my snout against him and he chases me.  He’s really going to be fun.  I often watch him and Mouse Girl playing together and wrestling.

Mouse Girl is all girl – cooties big time!  She will come up to me at times because she is curious but not playing yet.  Sometimes she hisses at me.  Other times, she gets on the couch so I can’t get to her.  She doesn’t care what I do as long as I’m not in her space. The other night she was on the couch and I was this close to jumping on the couch.  I almost made it.  Soon, I will be open to get there – snort.


Mommy bought the purr things this giant mouse to play with.  The purr things let me play with it too.  It has giant ears and a long tail that I can nibble on.  I can also pull it down the hall in my mouth.  Mommy says it looks funny when I run with it – snort.   When I first started playing with it, it was bigger than me.  Now, I think I’m finally the same size.  That shows you how much I’m growing up.  I’m getting stronger too.  I took off down the hall with one of mommy’s shoes yesterday.  I didn’t think mommy could move that fast to get it out of my mouth 🙂 She told me no chewy on the shoey at all – no exceptions.


Today mommy let me try carrots for the first time.  Those were delicious.  They were crinkled like potato chips and were awesome.  I was making so many grunting sounds because they were good that Hemi had to come over and see what I had.  He’s never had carrots either.  I don’t think he much cared for them but I loved them.  They were right up there with my apples and cheerios!

Last night, I also got to try a raisin for the first time.  They weren’t too bad either.  I mean really, look at this body – there’s not much that this little oinker doesn’t like!

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