My Favorite Time of the Day

12 Nov

You know my favorite time of day, besides feeding time – snort, is the early morning time. Usually its just me and mommy time for breakfast. See there was food involved 🙂 mommy says I get up with the chickens. Shakes head – mommy says all kinds of things that don’t make sense to me.
Anyway, mommy sits with me in the morning when I eat in my room. 🙂 how many piglets do you know that get room service every morning? She sits on the floor and when I get done eating I jump in her lap. She tells me it’s cute. I hope she still feels that way when I’m grown at 30 pounds and doing the same thing – snort.
She holds me in her lap, cuddles me, rubs my back and tells me how much she loves me. See, that’s why I love my mommy. She rocks me and gets me all warm and cozy. I usually drift off and then she puts me back down in my bed. She’s a good mommy. Well, I gotta take a nap but here’s a picture of me asleep in her lap. Oink oink out!


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This piggy would love to snort with you :)

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