Fun – Bacon Style

09 Nov

My mommy seems to finally be back in the groove of things. That makes this little piggy so happy that I finally got her trained. She feeds me dinner when she gets home from that work place and let’s me play. I like it when mommy stays with me while I eat. Tonight she put my food dish down and then left. I followed her seeing where she was going. She got me fresh water and came back with me to eat. She’s a good mommy like that. We then got to play in the front room. She said I wore her out – snort. My plan worked, giggles.


Mouse Cat still wants nothing to do with me. She stays on the couch where I can’t get to her yet. I can almost jump on top of the couch but not yet. Hemi Cat continues to swat at me when I get near. Heck, I just want to play. Mom gets on to him for swatting me but she didn’t see me nip his tail -snort. He chases me up and down the hall and I chase him. When I run real hard on my piggy legs up and down the hall, I kind of bark. Mom thinks it’s cute but of course everything about me is cute, even my little windshield washer tail that wiggles when I’m happy.



Mommy fixed my snack tonight and I went into the kitchen and watched while she did it. Mmm, this little piglet loves some cheerios and chopped up apples. Mommy is so spoiling me!








More later friends. Oink oink out!

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