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Growing up Bacon

So, I’m starting to grow up and become my own pig is what mommy said tonight.  She said that I could start staying out more in the afternoons waiting for her to come home from work.  This was exciting and fun tonight.  I think I almost have one of the purr things ready to play with me.  It will be so much fun when he actually does.  Just think of the trouble we could get into running up and down the hall after each other!  He already plays the slapping game at me when I get near him.  Of course when mommy doesn’t look, sometimes I pull his tail to get his attention – snort snort.

Mommy let me go with her into the kitchen tonight when she fixed my bedtime snack.  When I was eating it, I would drink water and get apple pieces in my water.  I was then trying to “bob for apples” as mommy said it laughing.  I just wanted the apples because they were extra yummy but it was kind of neat geting water everywhere as I was getting the pieces.  I like it that mommy has finally gotten a schedule with me on my snacks.  She said this weekend she might try me on different foods.  I can’t wait – food is my favorite past time – 🙂

Also this weekend, I’m going to try to post pictures of the purr things.  They were fighting with each other last night and I think I got some good pictures of it.  I really can’t wait until they start playing with me.  We can get into so much trouble together!  Heck, we can all have a sleep over in my big boy bed together in my room and watch my television.  Mom said she would pop us popcorn – mmmm.

So, I’ve gotta to get to bed to get my sleep so I can grow up to be nice and strong.  Before I go though, I have to share a joke mommy told me tonight.  She said, “What would happen if pigs could fly?”  Bacon would go up.  Shaking head – I didn’t get it.  Someone explain it to me if you figure it out.  Oink Oink out!

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Fun – Bacon Style

My mommy seems to finally be back in the groove of things. That makes this little piggy so happy that I finally got her trained. She feeds me dinner when she gets home from that work place and let’s me play. I like it when mommy stays with me while I eat. Tonight she put my food dish down and then left. I followed her seeing where she was going. She got me fresh water and came back with me to eat. She’s a good mommy like that. We then got to play in the front room. She said I wore her out – snort. My plan worked, giggles.


Mouse Cat still wants nothing to do with me. She stays on the couch where I can’t get to her yet. I can almost jump on top of the couch but not yet. Hemi Cat continues to swat at me when I get near. Heck, I just want to play. Mom gets on to him for swatting me but she didn’t see me nip his tail -snort. He chases me up and down the hall and I chase him. When I run real hard on my piggy legs up and down the hall, I kind of bark. Mom thinks it’s cute but of course everything about me is cute, even my little windshield washer tail that wiggles when I’m happy.



Mommy fixed my snack tonight and I went into the kitchen and watched while she did it. Mmm, this little piglet loves some cheerios and chopped up apples. Mommy is so spoiling me!








More later friends. Oink oink out!

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