Sweet Bacon or Devil Bacon

06 Nov

Let’s just start by saying I can be an angel pig, loving and very cute.  BUT – you miss my food time and I can turn in to a devil pig at a snap of a finger!  Friday night, mom went out with some friends.  This didn’t bother me as long as she is here for my feeding.  Well, at 7:30PM, no mommy to be found.  At 8:00PM, no mommy to be found.  By 8:30PM, you know I’m just about ready to eat through my crate because I’m starving!  Heck I was ready to call DPFACS (Department of Pig Families and Children Services).  I was even contemplating an escape from the cage and chasing down the purr things.  But, I was stuck in the dreaded jail cell.  So, I took it out on my cushion pillow.  I shredded it into a million pieces.  Heck, that Edward and Bella doesn’t have anything on me – there was all kinds of feathers in my cage flying around.

  Mom finally came home all apologetic around 9:00PM.  Of course, I ignored her.  I just wanted my food and no excuses.  She fed me and cleaned up my crate while I ran around.  She didn’t fuss about the mess and she kept apologizing but what was done was done.  She was late with my dinner and I now had no cushion for my bed.  It was all her fault.  She finally caught me and held me tight to her chest rocking me and apologizing.  After about an hour of holding me tight, I finally forgave her.  She is after all my mom and she is entitled to ONE mistake – just don’t let it happen again.

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