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Friday – pigestatic!

Snort – ’nuff said

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Big Boy Bed

Tonight when mommy came home, she gave me the best snack! She said it was time to start introducing new foods. I like this – snort. She gave me a small bowl of cheerios and cut up apples. It was so good. Mommy laughed hearing me crunch on the apples.
After snack time, mom let me run and play for almost an hour. She got on the floor and played with me. I love it when she does this. I kept diving into moms lap. She would pick me up, hold and love on me and tell me I was the best piglet. I totally agree. LOL
After dinner tonight, the most amazing thing happened. This man in brown came to the front door with boxes. One of the boxes was my big boy bed! I helped mommy put it together. She said she could always use an extra hoof or two. She did an amazing job and guess what – she didn’t have any spare parts like she usually does. It’s a pretty cool bed. She put it in my bedroom next to my new feed dishes that she also put together. The feed dishes are a little bit too big right now but mom said I will grow into it. She laughed at me exploring it!
Mom said that this weekend she was going to piggy proof my room so I can stay loose sometimes. Ppsst – between you and me, do you really think that’s possible to piggy proof my room. I just let mom keep thinking of that fantasy – snort.
Well here are pictures of my new things – oink oink out!



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