Alarms – I Laugh at You

02 Nov


Why does mommy need any alarms when she has me? That is the question she keeps asking herself out loud these days. Ha ha – I guess I can be a little vocal some times. Mommy calls it being her little alarm. I know what time she has to be up during the week. I just squeal until she hears me – giggles. I mean, I’m just trying to keep her on schedule. Squealing loud enough, I know she’ll come check things out. Of course, mommy told me last might I was being pig headed. I just told her she was human headed – snort.
Last night when mom had me out running, I actually jumped on the couch to her. Who says piglets can’t jump? I just wanted her to hold me.
Mom says I’m continuing to grow like kudzu. My snout is getting bigger and stronger. My little snout is awesome. I can get into so many things with it. Last night, mom had my piggy gate up in the kitchen. It wasn’t locked down, it was just opened across to block me. Mommy was in the kitchen and I wanted to be in there. When she wasn’t looking, I picked the gate up with my little snout and snuck in. Smile – I found the cat food! Mommy should have known better to my piggy powers. Boy, she sure was surprised when she turned around. She calls me her little Houdini. Not sure what that means.
I trained mom some more last night for some cheerios. She’s coming right along – snort.
Well, let me go get some loving from mom before she goes to work. I see her empty lap in my room. Oink oink.

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