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Getting Caught Up

So mommy finally showed me some of her pictures from vacation – WOW – she did have a fun time. Mommy also took a picture in my piggy pen that Nanna had me in last week. That was a fun week! Nanna spoiled me big time – more than mommy knows – oink oink – what happens at Nanna’s stays at Nanna’s. Nanna had me in the piggy pen most days where I got to play and watch television. You know one of my favorite shows is Green Acres – I just love Arnold Ziffel- he is so my hero! When I grow up, I want to be like him. Psst – giggles – I’m working on it now. I already have my own room with my own television. Mommy said my grown up bed should come in this week and she is going to put it together. I love mommy but her putting my toddler bed together – I’ll be rolling on the floor laughing and of course trying to help her.

Mommy said I gained a little weight last week while I was at Nanna’s. I guess you can tell a little bit in this picture that my ‘pot belly’ is coming in. Of course you can see my little tail too. Mommy says it’s so cute when she talks to me that you can see my little tail just wag, wag, and wag. I’m a happy little piggy.

Mommy has completely taken me off my formula now. I’m eating piggy food – see I told you I was getting bigger! Mommy has even started teaching me tricks. I can lay down really quick – all you have to do is touch my side and I’m a piggy down! I love it when she rubs my belly. Last night, mommy kept playing with me and told me to lay down without touching me. I did it and guess what she gave me – a cheerio! WOW – that thing was delicious. She kept talking about sitting and she would tap my butt when she said it. I did it one time and guess what – another cheerio! I think I’m digging this training thing. What mommy doesn’t understand is she’s not training *me*, I’m training *her* – oink laughing. Mommy also had this ball that she put some of those yummy cheerio’s in. Everytime I pushed it around the floor, one would fall out. I’m digging mommy these days.

Well, it’s way past my bedtime – gotta get off the computer before mommy catches me. Later folks! Oink Oink


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Happy Bacon Halloween


Mommy fed me early today. She said she had to go back to work. It’s going to be a long day for me.
She said tonight was Halloween and told me about the holiday. She said she thought about dressing up like a spider and taking me out with her. I’m not sure what that means but she said she would read me the story next.
I have so many pictures to share of my adventures last week and I will. Yawn – mommy fed me early so I think I’m going to take a nap right now though.
Oink out.

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Spending Time With Mom


Spending time with mom the past couple of days. I’ll get everyone caught up tomorrow – yawn. This little piggy is tired from playing.

Mom told me about piggy banks today – snort. I thought this picture was appropriate. Oink out


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Today is the Day

Today is the day I’ve been looking forward to all week. Mommy is coming home! I can hardly control the excitement in my little tail.

Nanna let me talk to mommy on the phone yesterday. As soon a I heard moms voice, I stopped playing, fell to my side, started wagging my tail and just listened to mom. It was wonderful to hear her voice. It made me so excited to hear her voice and it showed 😦 nanna said I was totally wound up the rest of the day. I tried not to be but I was a little pig headed.
I heard nanna tell mom last night that I’ve gained weight. Nanna feeds me really good and I’m growing like kudzu in the south – snort snort.
Can’t wait to see mom – later – pig out.

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Mommy Beachy Fun


So mommy said she went to the beach and says this is what it looks like.  Look at all of that water – it’s like a giant water bowl that I can push around with my snout.  And this little piggy loves his water to play with – snort. Mommy said there was purr things hanging around and that she saw a couple of barky things.  But the most interesting thing, she said she saw a stingray!  WOW – that was cool.  I’m a friendly little piglet and I would love to play with it but mommy said it would hurt me. But it does look like it was smiling at me.

20111024-190550.jpgMom said she hung out at the beach and walked a long pier where she saw the stingray.

Mommy said when she was driving around the island, she came across another pig – she was so surprised!  It was placing an order at a take out restaurant.  She had to a picture to show me.  I just couldn’t believe it!


I’m having fun at nanna’s.  This piggy play pen is the bomb!  I hope mommy fixes my room so I can run around like my piggy play pen.  Nanna opened the windows today and the wind was coming in – the fresh air was marvelous.  It made me want to go and root around and play in the grass.  When mommy called, nanna put the phone down to my ear and I got to hear her voice – I just gave out a happy snort!  Mommy doesn’t know yet but nanna’s is so spoiling me – snort – she’s going to have her hands full when she gets home.

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Living at Large

So my mommy is at the beach this week.  She said that at times it could be hot so I thought this picture was perfect – snort snort.  Mommy said there is lots of water and sand.  I know what water is but I’m not sure what sand is. Mom sings me the Mr Sandman song when she puts me to bed at night so maybe it’s something like that?



I miss mom but I’m getting kind of spoiled here at grandma’s.  I was sleeping so hard this morning that nanna had to actually wake me up for breakfast.  She put me in the piggy play pen.  I ate and afterwards I got to run and play until she put me down for my nap time.  She says that I really know how to use my snout and I do.  I use my snout to get into so much trouble.  I tip over my water bowl with it – giggles – it’s so much fun to watch the water go everywhere!  And, I guess I’ve been trying to do the great pig escape with my piggy play pen.  I have a lot of piggy power behind that snout.

Well out for now.  Gotta go to bed – oink oink

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Gone to Grandma’s House…

Today grandma came down and fed me lunch.  I got to run a little through the front room and love on mommy.  I wondered what was going on.  Mommy told me that I was going to spend a couple of days with grandma.  They loaded all of my piggy stuff in grandma’s car and mommy carried me.  I’ve never been to grandma’s before.

It was really neat there.  Grandma doesn’t have purr things.  She has barky things.  They all smelled me and checked out my piggy condo.  They were kind of cool.  Mommy held me tight and kissed me – I kissed her back.  She looked really sad and said she was going to be back in several days.  I was okay but I think mommy needs a drink.  She looked like she was going to cry!  I gave her extra kisses and she left.

Grandma was cool.  She put me in a piggy play pen.  OMG – in the front room and that was where she fed me my dinner tonight.  She says I have to sleep in my piggy condo at night but I can be in the piggy play pen during the day – hey this rocks!  I was so happy that I kept shaking my piggy tail.  Mommy doesn’t know but this sign says it all!  Oink oink – later!

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New Attire


Tonight mommy decided to dress me up in my first t-shirt.  I admit it was kind of cute.  It actually reads, “I didn’t do it”.  Kind of says everything about me.  I get into a lot of things but it’s just the baby in me coming out looking for adventure, you know.  I didn’t know what to think about the shirt when mommy put it on me.  I jumped up in the area and twisted about.  I rolled on the floor.  Then, I realized it was kind of warming my big belly.  That’s when I started running up and down the hall playing.  It was kind of cool!  After a while, I crawled on my pillow in front of mommy and let her take my shirt off of me.  Heck, I’ll let mommy do just about anything she wants to me.  I trust her completely.

 I let mom take a couple of more pictures of me tonight.  She seems to get so excited when she does this.  She always talks about my cute little pink nose so she got this great shot.  Mommy was holding me and I looked up at her when she took the picture.  She liked it and said this was one of her favorites.

And mom, hee hee, thought she was being smart by putting a barrier up in the kitchen so I couldn’t go in there.  Well, I got her tonight.  She walked over the barrier and I saw how she did it.  Snicker – I just jumped right over and followed her in the kitchen.  She saw me do it and said I was the smartest little pig!  I think I shocked her.

Well, gotta get off the computer and go to bed – it’s getting late and this piglet needs his sleep to grow up to be big and strong… well that’s what mom says.

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Sometimes its Good Being Me


I’ve thought a lot about this in the past couple of days. I’m one lucky piglet. Think about it. I have a comfy home. I have my own bedroom that I don’t have to share. Mommy brings me food three times a day with water. I get to run through the house after dinner. Mommy cleans up after me. Mommy rubs me belly, burps me and rocks me to sleep. Make mommy happy = I’m happy. I have it made! See that’s piglet logic. 🙂

Mommy said she was sad tonight at dinner. I tried to be extra cute for her and rolled all over the floor to make her laugh. She told me the cutest little piggy in the world always made her smile. I crawled in her lap and she picked me up several times giving me kisses. I gave her piggy kisses back. I love my mommy.

Mommy said my bedding was smelling like a pig pen so she took out my soft bed and washed it. She gave me a pillow and bankie to sleep on but it’s really not the same as my bed. I’m not causing a fit tonight but I really want my bed back. It fits my butt and big belly better. Hopefully I’ll have it back morning.

Well gotta get to sleep before I wake up mommy. She actually went to sleep before me tonight! Poor mommy. Oink oink



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Just for pigs and giggles – it’s gotta great beat mom and makes my tail wiggle!

Mommy was playing old music this morning.  I ❤ this song!  I just moved my little piggy butt to the music.  Go mom!!


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