Daddy’s Chicken Wing Adventure

As you read here, Tuesday, 07/29/2014, was National Chicken Wing Day.  A local restaurant here called Hooters on Tara was having a special on all you can eat chicken wings that day.  Mommy promised to take daddy so he could show them what he has – snorts.  First off let me throw some shout outs to Keisha who was our waitress (you were AWESOME!) and to Mike the manager.  Mike has helped us out here on my blog in the past when Rockelle and Benedict went on a date a while back.  Mike’s awesome!


So when mom got off of the worky place, she rushed home in Albert and picked up daddy.  Daddy in preparation had walked 2 miles and had a ‘light breakfast’.  He had his game face on and was ready.  Mom picked him up and off they went to the Hooters on Tara.

I was able to get these pictures all off of mom’s iPhone.  Be prepared to be astonished my dear friends.

One of dad’s favorite things in the world are tater tots.  And just fortunately mom had a coupon for a free appetizer at Hooters – thanks Hooters – so they got this amazing tater tot appetizer to the right.  Doesn’t it look amazing!?  That’s tater tots covered with gooey cheese, onions, sour cream and bacon.  Daddy didn’t tell me about that bacon until I saw this picture.  Tsk-tsk bad daddy!

Then the fun started.  They would bring you 10 wings at a time – whatever flavor you wanted.  These are pictures of dad’s platters.  Picture to the left – medium breaded.  They have just a little zip to them as far as heat when you eat them.  Picture in the middle – Cajun breaded.  They have a zip of a different kind.  This zip is from the Cajun spices and are probably dad’s favorites.  Then the picture to the right – BBQ breaded.  These are M.E.S.S.Y.  I don’t care how many wet wipes or napkins you have to clean up with, you are going to be wearing these.  In fact, dad jumped in and wouldn’t wipe down until he was finished with these.  Mommy said that at one point, she thought she was going to have to take him out front and hose him down – snorts.


So you’re calculating to yourself thinking well played daddy – he had 30 wings.  You would be wrong my friends.  Mommy couldn’t finish one of her plates.  She had 13 – daddy called her a wussy.  I’m not sure what that means.  That left 7 off of mom’s plate though and dad ate them.  I told you watch out Joey Chestnut!    Drum roll please – dad ate 37 wings!  57.14% of you voted on Tuesday saying that daddy would eat more than 21 – you were right!


So you would think that’s the end of the story.  Daddy ate to his heart’s content and put away 37 chicken wings.  Nope.  I gotta add my two cents now – snorts.  Daddy was miserable.  Can you say Tums and Pepto Bismol?  Those were his two close friends when he got back to the Hotel Thompson.  Can you say multiple trips to the facilities here all.night.long?  Snorts – I think he finally admitted it to mom last night – he’s not as young as he once was.  Mom and dad both are eating so light today it’s not funny.  I think they are calling for salads all around for dinner for the rest of the week.  In fact, when daddy got up this morning he told mommy, “I’m surprise I haven’t coughed feathers or squawked like a chicken”.  Snorts – silly daddy!

But don’t worry my friends.  I think dad is entering an all you can eat biscuits and gravy competition this weekend – snorts.


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Shopping Around The World – Ideas!?

Okay my friends – I need suggestions for Shopping Around the World.  Can you give me some suggestions to put on the holding list please my friends.  I will be posting a list for August next week :)

Thanks my friends!


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FELLOW ANIPALS – Now is the time to send your humans out of the room – this post is just for us – anipals UNITE!

 Forrest and I have been talking this morning.  We are going to extend our deadline for Spies Like Us to Saturday, AUGUST 9, 2014.

Entries can be sent to my email at


We really need your help my fellow anipals.  Our humans do this to us all of the time.  They take pictures of us in compromising pictures and send them all over the world for everyone to see. You know they do it!  Heck, we all know they do it.  You’ve seen my Dear Bacon issues on Tuesdays.  *Now* is the time to get those humans of ours back.  SPIES LIKE US are made for well US.

Take that picture or video of your human doing something so crazy and send it to me by Saturday, AUGUST 9, 2014.  Me and Forrest need YOU for this my anipals.  Put on those cameras… tip toe through the house as stealth and quiet as you can… send those submissions in to me.  

Me and Forrest will post later on in the month of August for the voting to begin.  WE CAN DO THIS!



I took this picture off of mom’s iPhone when she left it on the sofa.  This is a perfect example of human craziness.  OMP (oh my pig!)

I don’t know what daddy was doing in this picture but it shows him perfectly – he is C.R.A.Z.Y.  He might have been showing his inner tiger or is that inner kitty – snorts.

Whatever it was, it is forever captured in a photograph now.  Tell me he was growling… please.  Shakes piggy head.  He sure is crazy.  See what I live with here at the Hotel Thompson.  Walks away muttering crazy daddy of mine!


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Bacon’s Show and Tell

Is it time for Bacon’s Show and Tell now?  I thought it would never get here this month.  This month we are highlighting the one toy that you really wanted as a child but never got while growing up. This should be really interesting today to see – here we go with mom’s.

When mom was little, she wanted an Easy Bake Oven.  I bet there was more than one person who wanted this that didn’t get it.  Can you believe that over the years, there have actually been 11 Easy Bake oven models?

In 1963 (way before mommy was hatched – snorts), the first one came out.  It was turquoise and cost $15.95.

In 1965 (still before mommy’s time – snorts), Hasbro introduced Easy Pop Corn Popper, Birthday Cake, Party set and Kid dinners for the Easy Bake Oven.  I guess that was one inventive way to get kids to eat their veggies.

In 1968 (mom still not born yet), General Mills came out with boxed versions for the Easy Bake oven.

Finally when mom was born in 1969 – see all of this wonderful stuff led to mom’s birth – Hasbro came out with the Easy Bake oven in green with more dials and even a hood.

Then in 1970, the green was replaced with gold and it cooked cakes twice as big.

In 1978, the Easy Bake Oven went stream lined and came out looking like a brown and white microwave.

Over the years, more improvements were made and more colors and sizes.  Nowadays, the price of the average Easy Bake Oven goes between $29.99-$39.99, depending on what kind you get.  So not much of a price difference really in 51 years.  So many kids have loved these and played with them over the years.

Mom looks back and says she wanted one then but now she has a ‘real’ oven.  She didn’t miss out on anything growing up in not having one… well maybe more calories on her butt but then again that’s a good thing she didn’t have one – snorts.


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7 Weeks of Weird

Today my new friend here is highlighting 7 weeks of weird in “Weirdest things you collect”.

This is a really easy week.  It really is.  I think most of my friends here know that I collect a really weird item.  What?  You don’t know?  Sure you do.  I collect pet rocks. :)   You think that’s weird enough?

You know that it all started with my first pet rock Bashful.  He was a gift.  He’s my little international rolling stone and travels around the world visiting my friends and having fun. He looks so innocent and has an innocent name but don’t let that fool you.  He’s quite the ladies rock – snorts.  Every time he goes somewhere, he always brings home a friend.

His friends include Princess Coralena from Hawaii, Manny from France, Rockelle from Australia, Virginia from Virginia,  Benedict Cumberock from the United Kingdom and Koishi from Japan.


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Shopping Around the World

My friend Fozzie and I have scheduled a group posting today of Shopping Around the World.   We thought it would be interesting to see the differences between different countries all over.Here are our prices for the following from our area – Georgia USA:

  •  Toilet PaperAt the Hotel Thompson, we prefer Charmin Ultra soft.  That’s one thing we don’t skimp on… something about dad’s delicate hindquarters – snorts.  They come 9 rolls to a package and it costs $6.50 package.
  • Regular package of ground beef – We buy the store brand of ground chuck that usually sells for $2.99 a pound.  This is for a small package that we use for burgers and chili.  The package costs around $4.50-$5.00 for what we get.
  • Store bought pizza.  Daddy <3 pizza.  He can eat it ALL OF THE TIME.  For store bought pizza, we get Tortinos pizzas.  Mom stocks up on them when they are on sale for $1.00 each.  They are just enough for one person.
  • Package of hot dogsWe buy Hebrew National hot dogs here at the Hotel Thompson for obvious reasons – snort snort.  They run $3.50 a pack on sale.  Off sale – $4.99 pack.
  • Package of bacon – Daddy said we had to include this one – rolls piggy eyes.  When mom/dad cook it here, they get Smithfield thick cut which runs $4.99 a pack!  That’s highway robbery – well so says daddy – snorts.


If you have some items that you want to get on the list, email me at

Hope you had fun!!



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Spies Like Us – REMINDER!

Oh Dear Piggy Heavens.  Forrest and I have been at it again.  Talking seems to bring out the evil in us – which is a good thing – snorts.  You know us anipals see a lot in our homes.  We hear a lot too.  Our humans can and are CRAZY.  Sometimes that CRAZY leads to borderline insane which is hilarious by our standards.  As my friend Forrest said in a recent email to me:

“Humans are nuttier than squirrel turds.  The wheels are spinning but the hamsters have run away”.

Hey, us anipals know that’s the truth.  So, we’ve been talking about conducting a little Blog Hop contest called appropriately “Spies Like Us”.  Our mission as anipals (if you wish to accept) is to video, take pictures or tell us about something your humans have done.  We all know we have nutcases as our staff.  Here’s our chance to proof it.  Think hard about something crazy.  Something insanely stupid.  Something that we just won’t believe.

Send your submissions to either me or Forrest by AUGUST 1, 2014.

We will then post them and take a poll to see who wins.  What does the winner get you ask?  Well, the winner will get a badge letting the world know that they have the craziest humans ever!  Now that is something to brag about.

So put on your spy glasses, get out your cameras and start snooping around the house creeping up on your humans… like we need an excuse to do that – snorts.

My email:


20140515-085800.jpgRemember this picture of my dad that I took several months ago?  Auntie Sharon sent the head band back with Bashful went he came back home from Australia.  Mommy put it in the curio cabinet with our other collectibles from Bashful’s field trips.  Mommy went to bed early with a headache and daddy thought he was super ninja – snorts.  He forgot about me having the camera and trust me, I used it.

Not only did he put the head band on, turned on ninja warrior music and was dancing, he got CAUGHT by mommy.  That almost made him fall on his bum – it was a hoot.

So friends – this is what we are talking about.  Catch your humans in crazy like this and send it to me or Fozzie.

You can do it SPIES LIKE US!


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